For The Love Of Self: Mindset & Wellness 90-day Journal


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Each day for 90 days, you’ll notate your mood, thoughts, prayers, self-reflections, and goals to help you become more accountable and open the doors to self-awareness and self-discovery. It also provides you with practical guidelines to visualize your current habits, weight, fitness routine, and water & nutritional intake. You’ll be inspired through inspirational quotes, monthly self-check-ins, and tips to help you become successful on your journey to self-love, wellness, and “new you.”

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For the Love of Self: Mindset & Wellness 90-Day Journal, gives you insights into managing your lifestyle and health journey in a more productive way. This book will help you tap into mental space, aid in developing new beliefs, habits, and routines, as well as, ignite the power within you to reclaim your life.

1 review for For The Love Of Self: Mindset & Wellness 90-day Journal

  1. Jone Smit

    Perfect Book Cover

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