Empower &<br>Inspire Your Life

Empower &
Inspire Your Life

Gain control over your health and well-being now. We’re here to guide you through every step of the way to becoming a better modified you.

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Inspiring You to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Living a healthier lifestyle creates real lasting results that will flourish for a lifetime. Nourishing your body with wholesome foods, regular physical activity, and maintaining other aspects in your life such as a healthy body weight, emotional stability, relationships, sleep, and your mind/spirituality can reduce risk of serious diseases and health outcomes.

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My name is Nara, I'm a Dietitian/Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach. I have a degree in Science Nutrition and Dietetics, and completed my health coaching and hormone health certification at Integrative Nutrition Health Institute (IIN).

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You'll receive support within every aspect of nutrition. Each package is based on your own individualized needs. To help you maintain your goals long-term; together we will modify your life to create healthy shifts in mindset, purpose, sleep, & lifestyle.

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There’s something brilliant about a recipe that doesn’t ask too much of you; a recipe, in fact, where getting it exactly right would be exactly wrong; a recipe you can fiddle with will ignited creativity, happiness, and nutrients that you'll love

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MNH Coaching programs can bring you a super exciting experience of learning through online! You'll never face any negative experience while enjoying your classes virtually by sitting in your comfort zone. Our flexible learning initiatives will help you to learn better and quicker than the traditional ways of learning skills.

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Modified Nutrition Foundation

Each health counseling session will visit key elements to optimize one’s success throughout the program.

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Complete Wellness Project

The Complete Wellness Project involves helping you balance 12 main areas within your life to have a full, satisfying, and joyful life.

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Become A Health Coach

Are you interested in becoming a health Coach? Enroll in the 1-year program today!

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Do not wait for Tomorrow!

You’ve Tried Dieting a Million Times. Now Try Something Different.

Gain control over your health and well-being now. We’re here to guide you through every step of the way to becoming a better modified you.

Daily Exercise

Exercising and movement activities ac helps prevent or manage many health related risk such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. In addition to health risk factors, exercising an make you feel happy, increase energy, help with weight-loss, stress, and memory.

Find Your Balance

As we age its important to stretch for stability and decrease injuries. Stretching increases flexibility, range of motion, posture, and improves blood flow. Stretching with meditation adds an added bonus to calm of mind and improve focusing on being present.

Personal Program

No one person and needs are the same. There's no fad dieting, or cookie cuter pathways that will lead you to feeling less than as a person and hopeless. We act on the thought that " One man's food, can be another man's poison."

Natural Process

Whole foods offers an abundance amount of intact, unprocessed vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. So, here's to eating your vitamins vs taking them!

Immune System

What are we without immunity?! One part of wellness includes building an healthy immune system that serves to defend and protect us from viruses, disease, and other things that can cause harm to our health.

Gives You Energy

Consuming healthy sources of foods give our bodies the fuel it needs to thrive, build, repair, and absorb. As a result , your rewarded with an increased metabolism, less brain fog, and eased digestive system.

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This Isn't a Diet, It's a Lifestyle

Living off energy drinks, coffee, and sleepless nights can result in skipped meals, feeling lost, tired, and 0vereating. Not to mention work and family stress could cause depression, loss of focus, drive, and lack of self-love. You don’t have to live this way. Gain control over your health and well-being now. We’re here to guide you through every step of the way to becoming a better modified you.

  • Vegetable Intake
  • An Apple a Day
  • Good Nutrition
  • Our Principles
  • Healthy Life
  • Personalized Plan
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This Isn't a Diet, It's a Lifestyle 15 Years of Experience
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