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My name is Nara, and I am the founder of Modified Nutrition Health Coach. My life’s work is to provide support to busy and overwhelmed women that struggle with weight, depression, hormonal imbalances, sleeplessness, and work-related challenges. Working together, we will modify your life and habits with an objective to help you achieve your wellness and fitness long-term.

Who is Nara?

Let me tell you a little about myself.

I am Nara and a Dietitian/Nutritionist by training with a degree in Science Nutrition and Dietetics. In addition, I’m a Certified IIN Health Coach and Breastfeeding advocate. During my Health coaching and Hormone health training at Integrative Nutrition (IIN), I studied over:

• 100 Dietary theories
• Lifestyle management techniques
• Preventative
• Self-healing practices

Over the years, I have used my wealth of experience to provide women with all the guidance that they need to maintain and sustain healthy lifestyles.

Personalized Approach to Dieting

Through my studies at IIN, our mantra is “one man’s food is another man’s poison,” and this principle is what guides our daily practice. We know those diet choices that work for one person may not work well for another hence the need to seek a personalized approach to dieting (What works well for you).

Life/Work Experience

Currently, I reside in Texas with my husband, three amazing kids, mother, and brother and it’s been one hell of a ride for all of us. I started my career in the medical field in the year 2000, and I became a practicing Dietitan in 2008. Initially, I was studying Family planning and Midwifery and minored in nutrition. At some point the passion for health, wellness, and fitness grew stronger.

Let me tell you why.

So many of us get carried away with the responsibilities of taking care of our kids and spouses, parents, establishing careers and every other thing that holds meaning to us. I did it all. I cooked, I cleaned, baked, and did all that was necessary to keep the family going. While in college, I offered spa services and founded a few non-profit organizations as well. In trying to keep up with the responsibilities of building a successful career my relationships suffered tremendously, and so did the general state of my health. Being able to balance school and work life was a big challenge for me. I was an extremely busy, prideful, overwhelmed mom, student, and entrepreneur. As a result, my lack of self/awareness over the years resulted in weight gain, symptoms of depression and anxiety, a fibroid, and nearly losing my life to a Pulmonary Embolism. Going through all of those issues had a significant impact on my life which resulted with me wanting to change.
Based on what I learned and changed I wanted for myself, I began routinely exercising, practicing yoga, and meditating. As I began to pivot and shift, it became easier for me to identify and implement the true meaning of self-worth. Once the healing took place, and when I truly realize that I was enough my true self began to manifest.

Living a holistic lifestyle

Living a holistic lifestyle is the driving force behind the desire to live a fun, healthy and fulfilling life and the biggest decision you need to make is to say a CAPITAL “NO” to feelings of powerlessness. Knowing deep within you that you are good enough to overcome the challenge in front of you, is a huge first step to reclaiming your happiness and your life in the process.

Holistic Health Program

My holistic health program will help you identify areas that you struggle in and together we will break down the invisible barriers holding you bound. I will guide you through your life and wellness journey by helping you:

• Optimize your health
• Eliminate work/life stress
• Keep food cravings in check
• Address your constant lack of energy
• Overcome poor sleeping habits
And so much more!

A Customized program for your unique needs

Every human-being is different and has special needs different from everybody else. At Modified Nutrition Health Coach, LLC, we do not operate a one-cap-fits-all approach to providing our clients with therapeutic care. No, we don’t. What we do instead is to first analyze the current state of your mental and physical health. After gaining a perfect understanding of your current state, we will then customize a individualized program to fit your special needs. Our approach is 100% natural and does not require extreme pills, shakes, or extreme fad dieting. We start with unlearning and relearning nutrition.
The goal is to optimize your life and teach you how to live freely by reclaiming what is most important………………YOU.